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Literature review of human evolution

Literature review of human evolution

Registered: Abstract The application of sexual selection theory to human behavior has been the greatest success story in evolutionary psychology, and one of the most fruitful and fascinating developments in the human sciences over the last two decades. Ironically, this development would have seemed absurd only twenty years ago. At that time, many biologists article source sexual selection through mate choice to be Darwin's least successful idea: if not outright wrong, it was at most a minor, uninteresting, even pathological evolutionary process.

There is little doubt that biological evolution, or 'evolution' for brevity, has fascinated humans since the development of our ideas about science. Literature Review, Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or Literature Review on the significance of Diet in Human Evolution. Article· Literature Review (PDF Available) in Journal of Anatomy (Pt Thus human evolution is the study of the lineage, or clade. 5 days ago Human Evolution Out of Africa: The Role of Refugia and Climate Change. Article· Literature Review (PDF Available) in Science.

At that time, any "Darwinization" of the human sciences would have had to rely on natural selection theory, which bears much less directly on human social, sexual, and cultural behavior. Instead, something remarkable happened: sexual selection theory was revived over the last two decades through the combined efforts of researchers in theoretical population genetics, experimental behavioral biology, primatology, evolutionary anthropology, and evolutionary psychology.

This chapter reviews the current state of sexual selection theory, and outlines some applications to understanding human behavior. Sexual selection theory has been revived so recently that, while extraordinary opportunities exist for further research, many old misconceptions persist.

These include the mistaken ideas that sexual selection: 1 always produces sex differences, 2 does not operate in monogamous species, 3 is weaker than natural selection, and 4 had nothing to do with the evolution of human intelligence, language, or creativity. One goal of this chapter will be to dispel some of these myths, and to bring evolutionary psychology up to date with respect to the biological literature on sexual selection.

Sections 2 through 4 review the history and basic theory of sexual selection.

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Sections 5 and 6 contextualized human mate choice by covering sexual selection in primates and hominids. Sections 7 through 9 survey some possible roles of mate choice in shaping the human body, the human mind, and human culture. Finally, section 10 concludes with some academic and existential implications of applying sexual selection theory to understand htiinan nature.

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