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Literature review frontiers
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Drawing on these ideas, this paper reviews the relevant literature, analyzing the impact of traditional WOM and eWOM in the field of consumer behavior and highlighting the main differences between the two types of recommendations, with a view to contributing to a better understanding of the potential of both. Introduction Consumers increasingly use online tools e.

These tools are significantly changing everyday life and the relationship between customers and businesses Lee et al. The rapid growth of online communication through social media, websites, blogs, etc. Specifically, the present paper will review the literature on how these two media have evolved, the main differences between them, and the degree to which they influence both businesses and consumers, now that on peptides have become some of the most influential information sources for decision-making.

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Background Word of mouth is one of the oldest ways of conveying information Dellarocas,and it has been defined in literatures review frontiers ways. One of the earliest definitions was that put forward by Katz and Lazarsfeldwho described it as the exchanging of marketing information between consumers in such a way that it plays a fundamental role in shaping their behavior and in changing attitudes toward products and services.

Likewise, WOM has been defined as communication between consumers about a product, service, or company in which the sources are considered independent of commercial influence Litvin et al.

These interpersonal exchanges provide access to information related to the consumption of that product or service over and above formal advertising, i. WOM is widely regarded as one of the most influential factors affecting consumer behavior Daugherty and Hoffman, This influence is especially important with intangible products that are difficult to evaluate prior to consumption, such as tourism or hospitality.

For example, tourist satisfaction is of utmost importance because of its influence on behavioral intentions, WOM and purchasing decisions. In other words, overall satisfaction leads to the possibility of revisiting and recommending the destination Sotiriadis and Van Zyl, Similarly, previous research indicates that consumers regard WOM as a much more reliable medium than traditional media e.

Cheung and Thadani, It is thus considered one of the most influential sources of information about products and services Lee and Youn, Users generally trust other consumers more than sellers Nieto et al. As a result, WOM can influence many receivers Lau and Ng, and is viewed as a consumer-dominated marketing literature review frontiers in which the senders are independent of the market, which lends them credibility Brown et al.

This form of communication has taken on special importance with the emergence of online platforms, which have made it one of the most influential information sources on the Web Abubakar and Ilkan,for instance, in the tourism industry Sotiriadis and Van Zyl, One of the most comprehensive conceptions of eWOM was proposed by Litvin et al.

Research You need to know the right places to look for research to include in your paper, more specifically in the literature https://edu-essay.top/14c/1374-glasgow-dissertation.php section. Taking out some expert literature on your topic will also significantly improve your knowledge on the subject you are writing about.

However, to achieve this you need to dedicate a lot of time to your thesis and ensure that you are properly utilizing the literature review frontiers as outlined in this article.

The advantage of this tool is that it is available to all consumers, who can use online platforms to share their opinions and reviews with other users. Where once consumers trusted WOM from friends and family, today they look to online comments eWOM for information about a product or service Nieto et al.

This essay will start both views and then will provide opinion of the writer at the end. Devastatingly, people who believe that TV is useful for educational purpose are free as TV is an audiovisual media.

As a result of ICT, today consumers from all over the world can leave comments that other users can use to easily obtain information about goods and services. Both active and passive consumers use this information medium eWOM.

Individuals who share their opinions with others online are active consumers; those who simply search for information in the comments or opinions posted by other customers are passive consumers Wang and Fesenmaier, Electronic word of mouth also provides companies with an advantage over traditional WOM insofar as it allows them both to try to understand what factors motivate consumers to post their opinions online and to gauge the impact.

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