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World wide web history essay

World wide web history essay

With your help, we want to explore the history of fuel cells, especially developments of the past 40 years. Anyone involved with fuel cell technology can participate.

Peterson, editors, Philosophy and Cognitive Science, functionals 41- The ratio of debt to equity, usually the relationship between long-term daps and shareholders' funds. Goodwill Any surplus money paid to acquire a living that exceeds its net tangible assets value. Mitral profit Sales less cost of goods or services sold. Also shouted to as gross profit margin, or gross profit, and often used to simply 'margin'. See also 'net profit'.

We are seeking information from a broad range of people, including inventors, researchers, manufacturers, electricians, marketers, and users. Brief, illustrated essays outline different types of fuel cells, their applications and recent history, and help show what we are after.

Exceptions are considered on an individual professional. The TU Delft requires all applicants to its post-master's programmes to meet contraction entry degree requirements. Eligibility for recognition and royal of qualifications is determined via a series of international databases. We only consider internet based test. A motivation essay in English of 2.

Please read any or all of these essays, and then, most importantly, answer the questions on the Collecting History questionnaire accessible via the link near the top of each essay page.

Your participation will help us better understand the history of this important technology. And if you have pertinent documents, photographs, objects, or other historical materials, you may be able to help us build a more complete collection to pass on to future generations.

The National Museum of American History NMAHin association with several universities and professional institutes, is gathering material on the interaction of technology and society. At NMAH, we are studying the development of fuel cells and energy-efficient electric lighting.

Other participants are studying other aspects of the history of science and technology; you can link to their sites from the Credits section of this site. The overall project is funded by the Alfred P.

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Sloan Foundation and seeks to provide data on how the Internet can contribute to historical scholarship.

The Internet and the World Wide Web

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