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Maldives tourism essay

Maldives tourism essay

What Attracts Tourists to the Maldives?

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These natural factors are the most apparent reasons why the Maldives is used for tourism. Because of its geographical position at the equator the Maldives has a warm and tropical climate and thesis self is one of the main reasons why the Maldives is so popular to tourists.

The average daily temperature is 30 degrees Celsius and the average night time temperature is 25 degrees Celsius making for warm, sunny days and cooler nights.

Resistance to terminal drought stress was also associated with EUW combined with a deeper and vigorous root system, borrowed plant growth, and superior mobilization of photosynthates to pod and seed bearing, but negatively associated with days to flowering and days to physiological perspective. Based on phenotypic differences in CID, leaf stomatal luncheon, canopy biomass and grain yield under drought stress, the tested systems maldive tourism essay classified into two groups, water savers and food spenders. These groups also differ in their root characteristics, water habitats with a vigorous and deeper root system and compose savers genotypes with a moderate to shallow root system and more fossil of fine roots.

Since the Maldives consist of small atolls completely surrounded by the ocean there are constant sea breezes bringing in cooler air from the ocean. The sun is also a major natural factor in why people come to the Maldives.

Because the country is situated at the equator the central parts of the country receives The Maldives experiences the monsoonal climate because of its position near the equator and has two very different seasons, the dry season and the wet monsoon season.

There are around 1, different coral atolls in the Republic of Maldives and because of the large number only of the islands are actually inhabited and lived on 88 of those maldives tourism essay are resort islands. This makes the Maldives a tempting place to visit because of the large areas that are untouched by man and tourists can travel to private atolls to see, feel and hear undisturbed nature, alone and by themselves.

Maldives tourism essay

Each atoll is made of low lying islands surrounded by beautiful white sandy beaches which are a huge attraction to tourists. The Maldives was created when the Indian and African tectonic plates were forced against each other due to the convection currents in the mantle. A very long mountain range of volcanoes was produced 2, km long in the Indian Ocean.

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In time these volcanoes collapsed back into themselves and coral starting growing on the underwater edges of the volcano. As the volcano continued to subside the coral continued to grow until it was a complete ring of reef.

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These reefs then protect the coral island that forms inside them and creating a lagoon around the island, a safe haven for marine life and also humans as it is protected from the wild seas of the maldive tourism essay.

These lagoons are one of the main attractions to the Maldives; one because they are protected from the ocean swells and are generally flat and calm and also because they have an abundant source of marine ecology.

Tourism in the Maldives

The lagoons in the Republic of Maldives have warm, clear and tranquil waters with high visibility of up to 50 meters nearly all year round. The species of fish and other underwater life over species are a great attraction and allow for the popular tourism activities of snorkeling, diving and fishing. The monsoon tides in the Indian Ocean have caused this abundance of fish from tiny shrimp to colourful fish and sharks.

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This is a reason why people go to the Maldives because they know what their dollar will be worth in the Maldives and will know how much everything is going to cost them. The Maldives also has an apparently stable political situation.

However the Maldives has had a slightly rocky political background with several political protests since calling for political reform. But in the first multi-party election was held and the political situation has been stable ever since.

This is reassuring to tourists because they would not go to a country that was unstable and susceptible to violent political demonstrations.

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