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Essay 18th amendment

Essay 18th amendment

The eighteenth amendment of the United States Constitution was ratified in the year This amendment made buying, sellieng, and producing alcoholic beverages illegal.      In conclusion, Louisiana did not respect the eighteenth amendment, of the. The 18th Amendment (PDF, 91KB) to the Constitution prohibited the The collection includes an essay on the Songs of the Temperance Movement and.

Yes, at one time this was a law in our country had been banned from alcohol. But alcohol is so popular it was repealed.

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But before I explain about the repeal lets explain the creation and ratification. The article was first proposed to the people on After two years of talking it over finally something happened.

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The article was finally ratified, by all of the 48 states at the time. On January 16, of the United States prohibited all manufacturing, transportation, sale, importation into the United States and exportation in the United States of alcohol. The laws were strict on this amendment.

All states had concurrent power to enforce this law by appropriate legislation. The only way the article could be repealed is if another amendment changed the law and ratified to the constitution by many states but it had to be at least seven years from the date the prohibition act was ratified.

18th Amendment in Pakistani Constitution

But there was something about the use of alcohol that was legal. The only way any person would be able to sold or used was for medical purposes or industrial usage.

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The people of the United States did not agree with this idea. They decided to do something about this act and take matters into their own hands. The government had ratified this article because too many people were drinking.

They had caused more deaths, and trouble for a lot of people. The government had thought that alcohol was destroying the moral fabric of the United States of America.

Many people, although mostly people who drank, thought it was raising the fabric not destroying it. They thought it gave people freedom, fun, and their rights.

For a while this prohibition had helped the United States but eventually a new generation came along. So the revenge broke out.

Essay 18th amendment

These people had been considered to be corrupt by the society outside of their own one. People secretly drank, had many different love affairs, and disobeyed the law tremendously.

Ameer muazzam lecture on 18th amendment.

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