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Shopping in oman essay

Shopping in oman essay

Shopping in Oman – Shoba Narayan

A mere skip and a hop from Dubai, this lovely sultanate is on the up for its ravishing scenery, indigenous culture and sophisticated hospitality. With its sparkling azure coastline, dramatic jagged mountains and spectacular desert dunes, the tiny sultanate of Oman has plenty to offer, yet you can drive from one end to the other in just over 9 hours.

Pastel-hued mountains form a constant backdrop to the coastal plain. Goats are the most common domestic animal in Oman, best suited to the arid environment. He gifted the must-see Grand Mosque in Muscat to his people.

Fishing villages dot coastline between long stretches of uninhabited country. Temperatures in Oman are punishingly hot in the summer, but more pleasant during the milder months of December to March.

The most authentic Omani shopping can be experienced at the traditional souks ( souqs) – time-honoured markets that take pride of place in nearly every town. A holiday is never complete without going shopping in different malls and shopping centers. That's why we've gathered the best places for. Shopping in Oman is an experience that you simply don't want to miss out. The capital city features a great number of shopping malls that caters to both locals. Despite its modernisation, Oman isn't all chain restaurants and shopping malls, and we found that the further away from the towns we travelled.

The Alila Jabal Akhdar resort overlooks a gorge at metres above sea level. Guests are whisked from Muscat to Saiq Plateau via a C.

Shopping in oman essay

A 4x4 is also needed to traverse the desert, with its dunes dotted with Bedouin camps. In the mountains, houses blend into the landscape.

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Water is a scarce resource. Precious sources of underground water are channelled along a falaj to irrigate crops in oases like this picturesque village of Misfat al Abreen. Beyond the mountains lies the city of Nizwa.

Its souq has been operating for years and shopping in oman essay vendors still congregate to sell fruit and vegetables, meat, fish and handicrafts. Local crops are pomegranate, date palms, damask roses for oil and on the higher ground, stone fruit. The elegant national dress for Omani men is the dazzling white dishdasha gown, worn either with an embroidered kumi capor a scarf tied around the head.

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The highlight every Friday morning is the bustling goat and livestock market. Just outside the souq walls, near the fort is a gun market where vendors trade the locally made silver khanjars tribal curved daggerspart of the formal Omani costume.

The sumptuously regal All Bustan Palace, Ritz Carlton is perched between the Hajar mountains and glimmering shoreline. End a perfect holiday with sundowners on an outdoor terrace overlooking the Sea of Oman.

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