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London sightseeing essay

London sightseeing essay

Top 10 Must-See Attractions in London - MojoTravels

London's Tower Bridge is one of the most recognizable bridges in the world. Its Victorian Gothic style stems from a law that forced the designers to create a structure that would be in harmony with the nearby Tower of London.

Bridge History Tower Bridge Plans for the Tower Bridge were devised around when the east of London became extremely crowded and a bridge across the Thames in that area of the city seemed a necessity. It would take another eight years - and lots of discussions about the design - before construction of the bridge started.

The bridge, designed by city architect Horace Jones in collaboration with John Wolfe Barry, would eventually be completed in Five contractors and nearly workers were involved in the construction of the meter long bridge.

It took 11, tons of steel to build the framework.

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At the time many people disliked its Victorian Gothic design, https://edu-essay.top/15c/1575-westlake-summer-homework.php over time the bridge became one of London's most famous symbols. Mechanics Tower bridge raising The proximity of the harbor and its location in the direction of the sea required for the bridge to allow the passage of large vessels.

Hence the decision to create a moveable bridge which can be opened to accommodate boat traffic.

London sightseeing essay

The mechanism to open the bridge is hidden in the two towers. Untilwhen the mechanism became electrified, steam power was used to pump water into hydraulic accumulators which powered the engines.

Each deck is more than 30 meters wide and can be opened to an angle of 83 degrees. When opened the bridge has a clearance of almost 45 meters.

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It used to open almost fifty times a day but nowadays it is only raised about one thousand times a year. Bridge lifts are pre-scheduled for cruise ships, etc so visitors can check the bridge's website to find out when it will rise and lower.

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Visiting the Bridge Tower Bridge at night Taking photographs of the Tower bridge is a favorite London tourist activity, but you can also go inside the bridge, where you'll have a magnificent view over London from london sightseeing essay walkway between the two bridge towers.

Inside the bridge is the Tower bridge Exhibition, a display area that encompasses the walkway and the two famous towers where you can observe the Victorian engine room.


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Visitors can learn about the history of the bridge via photos, films, and other media. In glass floors were installed in the walkways, giving visitors another, unusual view from the bridge. The 11 meter 36 ft long glass floors, more than 40 meters above the river, allow you london sightseeing essay observe the traffic over the Tower Bridge from above.

Buckingham Palace is the most famous of London's many royal palaces. Constructed in the 18th century, it is located at the end of the Mall, one of London's. Photos from a day of sightseeing in London, England. There's good reason why London always makes the list as one of the world's most visited.

It is particularly fascinating to see the bridge open and close below your feet.

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