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Essay on shri ram in english

Essay on shri ram in english
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Well-known film actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui was allegedly forced out of a Ramlila play at his home town by Shiv Sena activists on account of being a Muslim. Indian society seems to have divided itself along sectarian lines like never before.

Lord Ram, Lord Krishna, Lord Ganesh etc are increasingly becoming symbols of Hindu religion rather than of the Indian composite culture that they represent. The Ramjanmabhoomi movement that emerged in the late s caused a wide rift among Hindus and Muslims in India.

The Bhartiya Janta Party might have emerged as the largest electoral party thanks to this movement but Https://edu-essay.top/20c/1560-dissertation-broken-down.php as a nation lost its glorious composite culture. For him, people with vision or wisdom consider Ram the spiritual leader of Indians.

Essay on shri ram in english

As he writes; Hai Raam ke wajood pe Hindustaan ko naaz Ahl-e-Nazar samajhte hain us ko Imam-e-Hind India is proud of the existence of Ram Spiritual people consider him prelate of India It is quite evident that he does not believe that Ram is leader of Hindus alone, otherwise he would have used the word Ahl-e-Hind people of India rather than Ahl-e-Nazar people with vision.

For him, the status of Lord Ram as a spiritual leader is not limited to the Vaishnavas or Hindus only. Lord Ram lives in the ethos of India and its people.

This poem was written at a time when India was under colonial rule,and as a society it wanted to find its heroes. A hero who could fight against the military might of the British, yet show a humane and moral face of society.

And who could fit better if not the warrior king Lord Ram in this political agenda of Iqbal. He is brave, and can fight wars against any wrong.

Yet he is humane and morally upright Maryada Purushottam. Sab falsafi hain khita-e-maghrib ke Ram-e-Hind All philosophers of the west would have acknowledged India This particular sentence at the outset of the poem makes it even more beautiful.

For Iqbal, Ram was a perfect warrior king, a great leader and philosopher guide of the Indian nation.

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