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I would like to visit paris essay

I would like to visit paris essay

Lindsey Tramuta Photo: Getty Images. On November 13, — the night of the Paris attacks — I spent the early part of the evening working on chapter four of my book.

I would like to visit paris essay

I had two months before I needed to submit The New Paris to my editor, and happily seized any spare hour or two to forge ahead. Then, the breaking news started to pour in via Twitter.

Introduction to the Country of France

We were among the fortunate. Though he was only a few blocks from one of the restaurants targeted, and unreachable for hours, my husband made it home safely, albeit shaken. We live in the heart of the 11th arrondissement, close to the 10th arrondissement, and less than a minute walk from the Bataclan.

It's your turn to imagine a trip to Paris and think about the reasons you would like to visit the city of lights. Write a new comment in the post of. When people ask me about the place i always wanted to go, i will simply say ' Paris'. Then they will ask me again, why 'Paris'? Why 'Paris'?.

And that lifestyle, our lifestyle, effectively made us all targets. Despite the ache and the admonishments from authorities to stay indoors in the days following the attacks, locals ventured out to their corner bakeries, took their dogs for walks, and chatted with neighbors in disbelief.

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That's what writers do, right? But could I rise to the challenge? The book documents the spirited energy and creative class that foster change across many areas of Parisian life, but in telling positive stories of change, invention, and creativity, would I be dishonoring the victims or inadequately grieving?

GGG Video Essay: I would love to visit Paris, France

The process of writing a book is rife with enough self-doubt as it is without injecting instability and existential uncertainty. What I got out of the experience was much greater.

It proved to be just the exercise I needed to look at my project from a different perspective. It was in her resilience and tremendous strength that I drew the mettle to focus.

Because, ultimately, the best way for any of us to move on click here honor the victims was to keep living out our lives in concert halls, restaurants, bars, and public spaces, and not immure ourselves in our homes in grief. The show must go on, and the city itself must go on being everything it was to the people who perished, and more.

What it needs most to carry on its role as cultural cradle and gastronomic mecca are stories of hope and success, and a renewed faith in its people.

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My book, I realized, would contribute the right narrative of change in the capital, detailing a movement that began long before ideologies and wanton violence had interfered. What everyone cherishes about Paris — its people, its museums, its energy, and its tremendous beauty — can only survive for so long without the support of curious travelers.

They remind us that the probability of being harmed in a terrorist attack pales in comparison to the general risks in everyday life. But more importantly, traveling now is a way to keep the world turning, and to shore up empathy when it seems in such short supply.

You can either let it prevent you from exploring the world, or travel to feed your curiosity and extend your solidarity to others. The real test of the human spirit one year later, five years later, and decades later, will be how we protected and celebrated them.

Lindsey Tramuta is a writer and author based in Paris.

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