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Imaginary planet essay

Imaginary planet essay

This line is called the axis of rotation.

Earth rotates about this axis once each day approximately 24 hours. Although you most likely already knew that fact, there is a slight complication most people are not aware of. A sidereal day is 24 sidereal hours, or 23 hours and 56 minutes on a normal clock.

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Our clock time is based on the earth's rotation with respect to the sun from imaginary planet essay noon to solar noon. This is a solar day, and it is divided into 24 hours. We use sun-based time because it is more important to most of us whether the Sun is up than whether a given star is up.

Our class is doing a project where we have to invent a planet. and i'm out of ideas! I need ideas! One of my friends is doing "monster planet" another is just making one up! Any ideas would be much appreaciated! Thanks a ton! Sarah!.

Those who care which star is up like astronomers may also use sidereal time. Venus rotates in the opposite direction to its revolution - is its sidereal day longer or shorter than its solar day? Note: Astronomers and other scientists sometimes use ordinary words but with different or more limited meaning source.

Go to this web: Cold planet. Try to complete the following activities: a.- Order the planets. b.- Our solar system. c.- The cold planet: only “read and listen”. There is no sun for my planet, the words are like stars they light It's like you are trying to describe an imaginary world when you are writing. This essay was one of my assignments in Imaging Other earths course HYPATIAOur imaginary planet is called Hypatia [1] and is orbiting a K-. Download scientific diagram, An imaginary planet with its moon. from publication : Nature, life and mind. An essay on the essence, Background: Our. Imaginary Planet Project: Essay, Model and Presentation Criteria i.e. One paragraph could cover the planet's location in the Solar System and how far it is from.

In the 's Copernicus published a radical theory of the solar system in which he proposed that the planets revolve about the sun. His book "on the revolutions of the planets" changed how we view our universe. From its title we get the word "revolution" meaning "action giving rise to radical change in society". Not quite sure why the solar day lasts 4 minutes longer than the sidereal day?

Imaginary planet essay

So which way does the world turn? One way to visualize how the earth turns is to hold out your right fist with your thumb extended and pointing straight up the traditional hitchhiker fist. If you visualize that your thumb points north, then your fingers are imaginary planet essay in the direction of Earth's rotation.

Because of this easy set up, we say that the earth rotates in a "right-handed" manner because you are using your right hand as a model. The Atlantic Ocean would be on your fingers and the flat part of your fist by your knuckles are the Americas.


The back of your hand is the Pacific Ocean, which leaves Asia to rest where your wrist is. If you keep this imaginary planet essay model in mind, you will always have an Earth-globe to check directions by. This is not so different from counting using your fingers. For an observer at a fixed position on Earth, the rotation of the earth makes it appear as if the sky is revolving around the earth.

Essay imaginary planet

In other words, if you are standing for long enough in a field at night, it looks like the sky is moving, not you. This motion is called "apparent diurnal motion. Please note that the word "day" has two popular meanings, which can lead to confusion in astronomical contexts.

Day can mean when it is light out, as in "day or night. Here we only use the second meaning. You might want to be careful to do the same.

She is not definite about where it is or how she will find them, if at all she finds them. I was second best at the dance recital, so they gave me this universe.

In the diagram to the right we show the earth as seen from space with Ames, Iowa, the home of Iowa State, at the top. This means that a person in Ames imaginary planet essay be standing with his or her head towards the top of the diagram. This picture may seem confusing at first because we like to think of go here as always being up, but remember that up and down are arbitrary designations in space.

People in Australia, in the Southern Hemisphere of our planet, certainly do not consider themselves as being upside down.

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