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Essay about mixed emotions

Essay about mixed emotions

Among these is his ability to convey not mixed emotions, but separate, conflicting emotions and events involving multiple characters in one scene.

An example of this essay about mixed emotions is found in his opera "Don Giovanni. I will be analyzing the finale of Act I, score measures to I think it most effective to not skip around in the score, but rather straight through, and you will see that not only does Mozart creates multiple emotions, he also has them overlapping as in the finale of Act I.

This scene is a party thrown by Don Giovanni.

Starting in measureLeporello is starting the whole group to dance, and his words are conveyed in a smooth, convincing style, so as to keep the general group out of the loop. Donna Elvira comments to Donna Anna that Don Giovanni's voice has given him away, and these words are expressed with short, choppy rhythms, almost recitative-like, indicating a hint of animosity.

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This amplifies Masetto's ignorance of two things - one, that Zerlina is emotionally troubled, and two, that he knows nothing of Don Giovanni's impending plan. When Don Giovanni realizes this, he quickly commands Leporello to distract Masetto away from Zerlina.

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Mixed Emotions - Just for you 1988

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