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Whitney houston essay

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Fb Whitney Houston died on Saturday, and the internet quickly filled with remembrances and tributes. Some of them, despite the short turnaround, were smart and informative and moving: Rich Juzwiak's terrific piece in The Dailyfor example.

And some of them were so stupid we had to collect them for you.

Find the best essay sample on The Life and History of Whitney E. Houston in our leading paper example online catalog!. Whitney Elizabeth Houston (August 9, – February 11, ) was a world renowned American Musician, Model, Producer, and Actor. She has sold over

People on the internet sure like to talk about themselves. We all do, especially when someone famous dies: if you didn't know Whitney Houston personally, how else do you remember her except through the concert you went to, or the time "I'm Every Woman" came on the radio, or the moment you heard about her death?

And, of course, some people can write movingly and well about their personal experiences, and weave those memories together with enough insight and understanding to connect their individual lives to something larger and more important — something worth saying.

But some people can't. So sad…' For some reason, none of the ones I read had specified that she died but I had a feeling that was the case.

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O'Connell, for once, does not actually have the worst essay on a subject on the internet. First came a request for an interview by CTV News asking for comment and perspective on Houston's career.

Here's that column, written over a lychee martini or three in the bar of The Mark at 77th and Madison. But neither Cross nor O'Connell can compare to Toronto Star theater critic Richard Ouzounian's essay "Whitney Houston saw rough waters on shared cruise," about the time he and his wife were on the same cruise as Houston and her husband Bobby Brown.

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What does this tell us about Houston, about her legacy, about her music, about ourselves? Read on: For a fleeting moment, I entertained the fantasy of meeting her on deck and saying 'Ms.

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Houston, loved you in The Bodyguard,' but nothing like that ever occurred. In fact, we hardly ever saw her again, but she managed to cast a shadow over our holiday in her own distinctive way.

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