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Essay about pdaf issue

Essay about pdaf issue

With all the fuss over the pork barrel scam, there are still a number of Pinoys who have no idea what it is. Don't use plagiarized sources. Get Your Custom Essay. Free Essay: Republic of the Philippines Leyte Normal University SOCIAL WELFARE Title: ISSUE ANALYSIS PAPER (PDAF scam) Date. Bus Ban Scheme (Argumentative Essay) Philippine Development Assistance Fund (PDAF), or well-known as “pork barrel”, is an annual public fund Therefore, to avoid the PDAF Scam, Pork barrel should be abolished.

Exit essay Pork Barrel Scam: When will be its end? One of the most serious issues that the country faces today is corruption. Corruption is like a disease spreading throughout the state.

It is rampant and cannot be solved overnight. Basically, corruption means selfishness of one person in order to pursue his or her self-interest.

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Because of that, it leads the society into harsh conditions such as to poverty. A recent issue in which made the nation of the country startle is the emission of the Pork Barrel Scam.

The social construction of early marriage that took time in Kerjen Village contained several knowledge constructions namely: knowledge from the key environment, economic knowledge, knowledge of parents. This knowledge constructs people's choice in Kerjen Village.

Every government official is given a certain amount of money, in which they would pursue different projects in order to help out financially and economically challenged Filipinos to step out of the poverty zone. It is also to give a helping hand for the development of the country itself.

But a finding was made, in which these projects have not been put into action. The Pork Barrel System is a governance practice used by the United States which is brought into the country.

Essay about pdaf issue

It is said that there are about 10 billion pesos of money that are stolen from the people. Napoles was brought to the court for the hearing of the case.

Essay about pdaf issue

During that, she continually denies that she does not know anything about the said scam. Months after, she released a statement saying that she has a list of names of government who are also involve in the scam.

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The surrender of Napoles made the people feel relieved. But a recent discovery was found in which there are three senators who are also involved in the scam. They are senators Revilla, Enrile, and Estrada.

These three senators were already put into prison and hopefully the government would easily recognize more of the officials who misuse the funds. Because of the emission of the Pork Barrel Scam issue, it creates a huge effect on the people.

The taxes they pay for the improvement of the country was wasted because of the greediness of the government officials. These people worked hard in order to contribute for the improvement of their country.

Although the mastermind of the Pork barrel Scam and some of the lawmakers involved are already put into prison, it does not mean that this issue will not happen again. People should have a wise decision in voting politicians because this is the basis of having a less corrupted economy in the country.

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