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Essay about a favorite book

Essay about a favorite book

Sure, this list is far from comprehensive, but at least it gives you an outline or a direction in which you can start your work.

Strategies suggested by our professional essay writers are numerous. First, you can follow the above-mentioned advice and highlight interesting structures directly in the books. Then you can browse through them several times after finishing the book and try to think how you can employ these structures in your own speech. Secondly, you can do this on the spot.

When you come across an interesting case of English grammar usage, stop reading and repeat the sentence several times in your head, until you memorize it. Then think of your own examples based on this very structure, and memorize them too. Playing different dialogs in your head and establishing vivid associations will help you remember structures better. Let us show you an example.

Essay about a favorite book

For instance, you chanced on the next sentence in one of your books: The boy was neither tall nor short; his height was approximately that of an average European man. It will be even better if you can do it out loud: then you involve your aural memory as well.

After doing so, make up your sentences with the structure: Neither Kate nor Ann wanted to go to the cinema that evening. I wanted neither ice-cream nor chocolate, which was rather strange for a sweet tooth.

My Favourite Book Essay In English • English Summary

When you are working on making up your own sentences, imagine all these situations you are thinking about. By making these pictures vivid in your head, you increase your chances of remembering the structure more effectively.

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Now you can continue reading the book, and we move on to our next tip. Thirdly, you can copy out grammatically difficult sentences and then show them to your English professor or any friend of yours whom you trust with such issues. Ask them to explain the use of grammar in the sentence.

The ragtime of the two plates forces sedimentary rocks upwards into a few of folds. Fold mountains are usually only from sedimentary rocks and are usually found along the edges continents.

When you have someone to help you out, the process of learning considerably accelerates. Try to choose modern literature.

Essay about a favorite book

If you want to use books specifically for improving your writing skills, we recommend you to stay away from old works. They contain a lot of archaic grammar structures which will only confuse you even further.

Until her return on 2nd May, rations were cut back with the procedure that work on farming and building was reduced. Failing this time the "Supply" had taken a small contingent of us and marines to Norfolk Island to set up another penal colony.

Moreover, the vocabulary in such works are mostly outdated, too, so it will not give you any benefits in terms of improving your mastery of the language. Do not get us wrong: we appreciate classical English literature.

We believe that its characters can teach you a lot and the plots will make you a well-rounded individual. However, when your aim is exactly English grammar, you had better choose modern literary works.

So, you can learn grammar by the book and we mean a heavy grammar manual by thator you can do it with a book. In the second case, you can take an interesting piece of fiction which will bring you a lot of pleasure together with language benefits.

Free Essay: My Favourite Book It's hard to imagine our lives without books. We learn a lot of interesting things when we read books. Books are. In Order to Help students finding “My Favourite Book Essay” edu-essay.top Pressent these two Long and Short Essays. Among these many Books, “THE ALCHEMIST” by Paulo Coelho is my Favorite one! This Book is a Fiction Novel that is about the story of a Boy name Santiago.

Basically, you should read a lot, pay attention to grammar structures that the author uses and try to copy them in your own writing. Reading books really can improve your grammar, and while you are in the process, our editing services may come in handy for you. We are always ready to improve your essay or paper, no matter how many mistakes there are in your work.

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