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Los angeles immigration essay

Los angeles immigration essay

As time goes by, we can see and feel the effects of immigration.

We feel these burdens as citizens of California. One of these burdens is population increase which results in the overcrowding of cities. Next of all jobs are more scarce creating an increase in unemployment.

Is it any wonder that immigrant Los Angeles finds itself in the eye of This essay is part of a Zócalo Inquiry, Anxiety, Defiance, and Refuge in.

Also, since the increase of immigration, the need for national security is at the all time high. For those reasons, I believe that immigration should be limited.

Los angeles immigration essay

Over one million immigrants were granted lawful permanent residence in the United States in the year Inthe leading source country for legal immigrants was Mexico withlegalized. Over two hundred thousand immigrants came to California, half of them claiming Los Angeles alone as their residence.

Almost twenty percent of the immigrants have gotten jobs. In other words, they have stolen our jobs in which we true Americans deserve.

Los angeles immigration essay - is los angeles a city of immigrants?

The sad part of this is that about eight percent of those who are hired are unskilled. As legalized immigration increased, there are fewer jobs in our state.

The willingness of the immigrants to accept lower wages has made it difficult for the citizens of California to get jobs. For instance, when going through a drive-thru at McDonald's or any other type of fast food restaurant, the majority of the workers are immigrants.

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A problem with them working at fast-food restaurants is that it is very hard to understand what most of them are saying, making it very difficult for us to talk to them. Since the rise of immigration, we are forced not only to know English but to know Spanish as well, thus making it very hard for a person to get a job if one does not speak Spanish fluently.

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Since the increase in immigration, more and more companies are turning their attention toward persuading the Mexicans to buy their products. One indicator of this is billboards that we see on the freeways.

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