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Gsu nursing dissertation

Gsu nursing dissertation

Decision Making, Clinical ; Students, Nursing, Baccalaureate Abstract Clinical decision making has been identified as one of the most important contributions made by the professional nurse in the care of patients.

Yet as a discipline, we continue to question what factors influence the development of clinical decision making skills.

The purpose of this study was to identify how nursing students learn clinical decision making. Heideggerian phenomenology and hermeneutical analysis provided the framework and method for the study.

A convenience sample of 17 senior nursing students, 16 females and 1 male, participated in this study. All students were completing their last semester of baccalaureate nursing courses.

Gsu nursing dissertation

Fifteen of the students had no previous experience working in the health care environment prior to enrollment in this nursing program. Sixteen students were of European-American descent with one student of African-American descent.

The structural performance of lean duplex gsu nursing dissertation steel remains relatively unexplored to date with only a few studies having been performed. As part of this research, a gsu nursing dissertation of fifty two material tests, four stub column tests, eight 3-point and 4-point bending tests, eight continuous beam tests and nine shear buckling tests were carried out.

Data were generated through individual interviews that were transcribed verbatim and analyzed using the constant comparative method. Five themes associated with learning clinical decision making were identified: gaining confidence in skills, building a relationship with staff, connecting with the patient, gaining comfort with self as a nurse, and coming to understanding the clinical picture.

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A beginning graphic depiction of the relationship of the five emergent themes with learning clinical decision making among nursing students was proposed. Implications for nursing practice, education and research were identified. Based upon findings, recommendations for changing the current teaching strategies for nursing students were proposed.

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Recommendations for future nursing research on how nursing students learn clinical decision making were also identified. Description This dissertation has also been disseminated through the ProQuest Dissertations and Theses database.

When he is asked a question, he answers gsu nursing dissertation genuine interest, almost harshly.

The author still retains copyright.

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