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Dissertation juridique oboulo

Dissertation juridique oboulo

All of these passages are clearly addressed to Christians and call upon them to avoid sinning and to apply God's word in order to grow as Christians, to please God, to avoid temporal judgment, and to lay up treasure in heaven.

As mentioned above, avoiding sin and doing good are not conditions of eternal salvation cf.

Rom ; Eph ; Titus Instead, the one and only dissertation juridique oboulo of eternal salvation, which is not even mentioned here, is believing in Jesus Christ cf.

John ; ff; ; ; Rom ; ; Gal ; Eph Receiving the Implanted Word God's word is in believers because they have been begotten of God "He brought us forth by the word of truth" v Thus "the implanted word" or "the innate word" is completely natural to the believer.

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Of course, this cannot be true of unregenerate people.

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