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Dissertation on ts eliot

Dissertation on ts eliot Dissertation on ts eliot

This thesis is elaborated through a comparison of the poetics of Eliot and that of the Syro-Lebanese poet Adunis, one of the most prominent poets of that movement. This comparison click important since it fills a gap in comprehensive studies related to the influence of Eliot's theory on modern Arabic poetry.

Adunis' role within this group and his later independent contributions are assessed.

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The second part of this study is devoted to the actual comparison of the poetics of Eliot and Adunis. First, their concepts of poetry are elaborated and shown both to be formalist concepts which endorse unity of form and content and emphasize the medium of expression in poetry--language.

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Both concepts also advocate the autonomy of poetry and its independence from socioeconomic factors and ideological considerations. However, they still assign a role to poetry in society and culture.

The formal aspects of the poem such as language, music and imagery are discussed in a separate chapter to make clear the detailed similarities and differences between the concepts of poetry of Eliot and Adunis.

Both Eliot and Adunis assign a central role to the great poet in culture. The conclusion reached in this study is that the poetics of Eliot and Adunis fall within the same paradigm.

The differences in tone and emphasis between them result from their different world views and contexts. Eliot endorsed preservation together with transformation, while Adunis advocated continuous change.

This content downloaded from on Fri, UTC. All use subject to edu-essay.top This concern is the underlying subject of the dissertation which he wrote on F.H. Bradley.1 While many studies have drawn attention to the place of Knowledge and Experience in Eliot’s intellectual development, few have treated the dissertation as an expression of his own views.

Eliot and Adunis" Dissertations available from ProQuest.

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