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Dissertation phone interview

Dissertation phone interview

Interviews and Personal Communications Introduction Published or broadcast interviews which are used as sources should be treated the same as a magazine, journal or book, and be cited in your bibliography as such.

As always, materials which were accessed online should include a URL, and if the interview was accessed using a form of audiovisual material, an indication of the medium should be included as well. Unpublished interviews are typically also left out of the bibliography.

Instead, include resource information in the footnote or in author-date. Unpublished Interviews Citations for unpublished and personal interviews should contain some or all of the following elements.

Remember that each element is separated by a period unless shown otherwise below : Interviewee Name: lastname, firstname middle along with identifying information of interviewee, in parentheses e.

Exclude if interviewee wishes to remain anonymous.

Date of the interview. Location of where transcript or recording of interview may be found if held by an organization.

Journal of Philosophical Logic, 4 - Rational mire of decision functions. Econometrica, 22, Jean-Antoine-Nicolas de Caritat Condorcet. Imprimerie Royale, Socialist, Gabrielle Crocco and Andreas Herzig.

As with all other citations, the publication date of the reference will be placed directly after the title when using Author-Date style. Location where transcript or recording may be found.

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Author-Date Interviewee Lastname, Firstname.

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