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End of university dissertation

End of university dissertation

Students will decide on their topic which draws on any one or more of their current or previous pathway modules including Core modules. This may take the form of a short research project to be written up in the form of a dissertation ofwords, or a specific number of pages to be decided by the relevant department in the case of science or engineering projects.

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The project should be interdisciplinary in order to pass the module satisfactorily. Good interdisciplinary work will be rewarded and the highest marks will only be achievable for the best interdisciplinary projects.

The range of marks and assessment criteria will be provided as a separate document. Students will normally have a single supervisor, but may have joint supervision where appropriate.

Students will produce a brief outline of their idea by the end of May in the year preceding their final year so that supervisors can be identified and the remit of the dissertation confirmed by the BASc senior pathway representatives. Supervisors will need to be sourced by the student, ideally by the start of the academic year in which this module is being taken.

Students who are on their Study Abroad Year will be ended of university dissertation their Final Year Choices form which includes the request for the outline of their dissertation idea at the end of March for return at the end of term 3 in the year preceding their final year. Student contact hours will comprise: a briefing session with the dissertation course convenor at the start of term 1, covering the module requirements and reminding students about research skills covered earlier in the programme, plus individual meetings with the supervisor.

Submission date for final year students: Submission consists of two hard copies plus a soft copy uploaded via TurnItIn.

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