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Short essay on solar energy in english

Short essay on solar energy in english

short energy essay english solar

What is a solar water heater? A solar water heater is a device that captures sunlight to heat water.

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It can be an economical way to generate hot water for your family for shower and bath. A solar heater not only enables substantial energy savings as solar power is free in contrast to natural gas or fuel oil. Moreover, it is a way to produce hot water for sanitary use throughout the year without emitting any CO2.

Short essay on solar energy in english

However, a back-up heating system is required for times when there is insufficient luminosity. Supplying a washing machine or dishwasher with this hot water also cuts out the electricity used by these appliances to heat the water and shortens the https://edu-essay.top/6c/2614-master-thesis-in-new-zealand.php cycles, as long as certain precautionary measures are taken.

Hot water all year round The efficiency of the collectors is at its highest at midday, in summer, when the sky is cloudless, and when the collectors face south. However, the collectors also work well in other seasons, when the sky is cloudy, for a good part of the day, even if they face east or west.

To help you with this investment, the Brussels Region gives you an energy grantwhich is supplemented by certain communes.

Wondering whether your roof suitable for a solar water heater? Depending on the region of residence, you will find different solar mapping tools on the suitability of your roof. Evaluate the solar potential of your rooftop situated in the Brussels-Capital Region Do you live in Flanders?

How does a solar water heater work?

Light is absorbed by solar collector The solar water heater absorbs light by means of a collector placed on the roof and converts it into heat. Heat transferred to water tank The heat is then passed to a water tank by means of a circulating pump.

This exchange is triggered by the thermal regulator, but exclusively when the collector is hotter than the water in the tank. This not only prevents the circulating pumps from needlessly https://edu-essay.top/3c/3331-business-plan-for-starting-your-own-business.php electricity but conversely, also avoids overheating.

Insufficient sunlight? Back-up heating system When there is insufficient sunlight, the water is preheated and a back-up system takes over to bring the water to the required temperature.

This system can therefore be used at a constant temperature throughout the year. Don't miss our new tips Subscribe to our newsletter and stay informed about energyfacts. Your email address: We promise we will only use your data to send you our newsletter as stated in our privacy policy.

Solar Energy

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