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How to write an essay 2000 words

How to write an essay 2000 words

Structuring an essay How best to structure your university essays Once you've thoroughly prepared your essay by researching the topic widely and identifying key facts, quotations and arguments, you can to begin to map out a loose structure for your essay, which you will refine as you go along.

Follow these five tips to ensure your essay structure is as solid as it can be so that your essay flows. Allocate Words If you have an essay of 2, words to write, you might allocate up to words for the introduction, and up to words for the conclusion, leaving 1, words or four fifths of the essay to explore the major arguments and themes.

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As a rule of thumb, your introduction and conclusion, although essential, should not take up more than one fifth of the essay. Identify Key Arguments and Themes Taking the example of a 2, word essay, with words allocated to the introduction and conclusion, 1, words remain to explore the key arguments and themes.

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However, you will also need to provide a context for the essay, or some background information, usually following the initial introduction. This leaves 1, words, or three fifths of your essay, for the juicy bits.

If you decide you want to explore three key points, you have words for each one, or words if you want to explore four key points, and so on. If one section is words and another isthere's nothing wrong with this, just so long as the arguments adopt a logical progression.

Use Direct Quotations Selectively In an essay of 2, words you don't have many words to get your points across, especially if as well as an introduction and conclusion, you have also placed the essay in context and fully explored all the key definitions.

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Again, as a rule of thumb, don't devote more than one fifth of your essay to direct quotations, and ideally, paraphrase arguments into your own words, ensuring you fully reference these accordingly. Failing to do this could lead to an accusation of plagiarism.

When an instructor of any grade level imposes a specific word quota on an essay assignment, it's for one of two reasons that will benefit the. Decide how many words to allocate to the different sections of the essay. 1, word essay. 2, word essay. 2, word essay. Introduction. % of total.

Write in Installments Some students find the task of sitting down for four or five hours to write an essay difficult. If this applies to you, once you've mapped go here your structure, consider spreading the drafting of your essay out over a week. If you can write words in an hour, and you have a 2, word essay, once you've mapped out each section you might write just one an evening for five evenings.

Know how the book tells with the American dream, through the character of Gatsby or the other comedians in the novel. As above, determine how Fitzgerald feels the Day dream through the imagery he employs. To for the topic, indulge to write about how Fitzgerald deals with one bound. Decide what is meant by the novel's title, "The Lair Gatsby," and tailor your thesis statement around the adjective "great.

If you adopt this approach, don't be tempted to revisit what you wrote the previous night, but instead move on to the next section. Another useful approach is to leave your last sentence unfinished, so when you return the next day you immediately have somewhere to begin.

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Get a Second Opinion Your essay will make sense to you, but make sure it makes sense to other people before you hand it in. As you read over your essay again and again, your mind remembers what's coming, so you will subconsciously skip over parts of it, missing the occasional typo, and thinking the argument has been made.

How to Increase Your Essay Word Count

It's surprising how much can be overlooked, even by well-versed writers, so get a second opinion. Ideally, have some time away from your essay.

How to write an essay 2000 words

If you've started and finished it early, leave it in a drawer for a couple of weeks then come back to it with fresh eyes: you may be glad you did.

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